The African continent poses a significant opportunity for the pharmaceutical companies’ world over. The pharmaceutical industry in the continent is expected to reach US$ 40-65 billion by 2020 as per a report published by McKinsey & Company. While it is a very complex market to do business, It demonstrates an industry-leading growth driven by increasing urbanisation and rapid expansion of primary health care capacity.

For Strides, Africa holds an exceptional place in its business strategy. It is the first market where we initiated exports in the early 1990s, and since then, it remains a market of opportunities for us.

Our business activities in this continent are driven by our philosophy of “In Africa for Africa” which we bolstered with the acquisition of a WHO-approved facility under Universal Corporations in Kenya. At present, we have significant sales footprint in 40+ African countries. We have a robust medical field force in Africa that helps extend our reach to a large pool of doctors, and we currently have a rich brand portfolio with several of the product registrations in pipeline. We also enjoy strong brand equity with doctors and the community at the local level. We already have established brands like Renerve, Unibrol, Combiart, Duotab & Vitafer in the management of Neuropathy, Malaria and Anaemia respectively, and our objective is to attain a leadership position in key African markets with a focus on building a robust branded generics portfolio for the treatment of chronic therapies - including Women’s health, CNS, Cardiovascular, Diabetes, Dermatology and Probiotics.

The African economies are evolving, and we are fairly contented to have our contributions in improving the quality of life by providing therapeutically effective, high-quality medication to people in the region and our focus remains on manufacturing consolidation under the WHO approved facility in Kenya and dedicated emerging market plant in India.

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