What we believe in…Leadership through Partnering

Core to our business philosophy is our partnership model which has delivered incremental value for our partners across the world, and for us.

As pharmaceutical companies reach out to enhance their strength and competitiveness, their key requirement is a synergistic partner. A partner who is truly global in skill set, R&D, manufacturing practices, in attitude and vision.

At Strides, we are all these and more – because we believe in "Leadership through Partnering".

Our ethos centres around customer focus and rapid response. Over the last decade, we have systematically strengthened our capability in understanding and aligning ourselves with our partners' needs.

Through product innovation, manufacturing, operational flexibilities and leveraging our IP in formulation technologies, we have significantly enhanced our partners' marketing leadership.


Leading pharmaceutical companies of the world partner with us because of our track record of regulatory compliance in manufacturing, R&D capability to develop over an entire cycle and global regulatory expertise, besides our wide portfolio of products.